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For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida offers Holiday Tips for Families with Dogs

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - December 3, 2010-The holidays are a busy time for many households. Friends and family come and go, deliveries are made to the door, delicious smells emanate from the kitchen, and a general happy hubbub means that something special is happening. Among those affected by these changes is the family dog. To help dog owners remedy this, Home Dog Training of South Florida offers helpful tips for dog owners to help manage their dog's holiday-time stress.

"While one dog may enjoy a change of pace, another may be stressed by the changes," says Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist and trainer, Home Dog Training of South Florida. "Your normally easygoing dog may suddenly begin to show strange behaviors, like stealing food, jumping up on people, or growling or snapping at visitors. As pack leader, you need to communicate and demonstrate to your dog that while his world may be different, you will continue to keep him safe and secure."
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For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Offers Tips When Working from Home with Your Dog

October 7, 2011, Fort Lauderdale Florida,  Home Dog Training of South Florida states: With the rise of telecommuting and self-employment, many dog owners are able to work from home and don’t have to routinely leave their furry friends for the day. Some dogs ease into this scenario and are able to be with their owners throughout the day with without exhibiting behavioral issues. For others, however, there are a number of behavioral problems that may arise—such as dogs demanding attention by barking or whining, often at the worst possible times. Read on to find out how to address these common issues.

Why do dogs act up in the home-office environment? Because of the large amount of time spent together in close proximity, these dogs often have increased opportunities to train their owners! They might nudge for pets or climb in laps. They often nap under the table or desk where their owners are working, but when they wake up, they will request attention—and usually get it.
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