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For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Offers Tips to Manage Dogs Like Movie Star “Marley”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 16, 2008—On Christmas Day, the film version of the popular book “Marley & Me” will be released nationwide. Home Dog Training of South Florida cautions dog owners that, while the film promises to faithfully capture the sweet spirit and message of the book, its subject—Marley, a wildly out-of-control-but-lovable yellow Labrador retriever—will raise questions (and some hackles) about what the dog’s owners could have done to better understand their pet and to correct his many behavioral problems.
“Labs are intelligent dogs and need to be kept busy,” said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist. “They are eager to please and catch on quickly to training that is communicated clearly and consistently.”
That training needs to start with ground rules established and maintained from the moment the dog (or puppy) enters your home. When a dog—any dog—is guided by your strong leadership and setting of firm boundaries, both man and dog will enjoy an infinitely m…

For Immediate Release: HOme Dog Training of South Florida Explains Why Did Barney the White House Dog Bite a Reporter!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida November 14, 2008—As stories of Barney the White House Dog biting a reporter surface, Home Dog Training of South Florida sheds light on the incident. Bark Busters explains why Barney bit the reporter and how you can prevent your dog from doing the same.
“Barney was not in the mood for attention from the reporter,” said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist and trainer, Home Dog Training of South Florida. “Whether he was angry about the election or just unsure of the reporter, Barney’s body language showed the reporter that he wasn’t interested in the attention. By watching a dog’s body language, incidents such as these are easily avoidable.”
Why did Barney bite the reporter? 1. Barney was on a leash, with no way to escape. Dogs on leash are often more tense or on edge because they cannot flee in a moment of stress or potential conflict.
2. Barney's body language was very clear: “Leave me alone!” His body language showed that he was feeling scared or nervou…