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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 21, 2013 - "In recent years there has been an increased level of dog theft.  Some organizations have indicated that dog theft has increased by as much as 32%", stated Robin Edwards, Home Dog Training of South Florida Behavioral Therapist & Master Trainer.    
People steal pets for a variety of reasons: Some are simply looking for a dog and don't want to pay the price charged by the breeder or pet store.  Others are looking for dogs that they can sell.  Dogs can easily sell for up to $3,000 or $4,000 on the open market. Others steal the dog and then wait for the reward posters to be placed in the neighborhood.  It is amazing how often Fido just happens to wander into a stranger's back yard with no tags or other form of identification.Dogs are stolen to use in fighting clubs. This is probably the most disturbing and distressing of all the reasons your dog is stolen.Having a dog stolen is horrendous for both the owner and the dog.  A …

For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Provides Information to Assure Halloween is Safe for Your Dog

Fort Lauderdale, Florida -Oct. 9, 2013- Halloween can be a very scary holiday for dogs, and is in fact the most dangerous holiday of the year for our canine companions. Home Dog Training of South Florida offers practical guidelines for dog owners to help dogs stay safe. These tips are based on the expertise of Bruce and Robin Edwards, having trained over 3,000 dogs in South Florida since 2006.
"Each year, we hear numerous accounts of dogs getting injured or sick, or straying, during Halloween," said Robin Edwards. "While Halloween is intended to scare people, it can be an especially frightening time for dogs, who don't understand that the holiday's antics are all in good fun. By being more sensitive to dogs' fear-driven 'fight or flight' instincts, we can help keep our furry pals from regarding Halloween as a nightmare."
Dog owners can care for their dog's safety and well-being by taking note of …