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For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida offers Tips to Manage Your Dog's Fear of Thunderstorms

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - May 20, 2013 - As thunderstorm season approaches, Home Dog Training of South Florida wants to help dog owners know how to manage their dog's fear of thunder and lightning. Dogs can be trained to cope with their reactions to violent storms and feel calmer through all the noise and bright flashes.
"Thunderstorms are a common fear in dogs, causing many to panic and run away, become destructive, or even hurt themselves," said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist and trainer, Home Dog Training of South Florida. "Dogs can sense that a storm is on the way, and they often begin to show signs of anxiety even before the storm can be heard."
Edwards offers these tips to help your dog learn to be relaxed during storms, fireworks or other loud disturbances that may be frightening to him.
Give your dog a safe place to stay during storms. Inside your home, create a quiet, den-like area where your dog can feel secu…