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For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Issues Dog Owner's Pledge

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - September 13, 2012- As part of its ongoing mission to enhance the human-canine bond and reduce the possibility of maltreatment, abandonment and euthanasia of companion dogs, Home Dog Training of South Florida, has issued a Dog Owner's Pledge that can help families decide whether or not they are truly ready for dog ownership.
"Too many times, families don't understand the full commitment they are making by bringing a dog into their household," said Robin Edwards, Home Dog Training of South Florida dog behavioral therapist and trainer. "Dogs are completely dependent on their owners for their physical, mental and emotional health, and while dog ownership often brings a lot of joy, providing the care dogs need can be costly and time-consuming."
To help families who are considering adding a dog to their household, the Bark Busters Dog Owner's Pledge outlines a variety of needs that potential owners should be able to commit to meeting…


Fort Lauderdale, Fl June 20, 2012 - With the excitement and commotion that comes with Independence Day, Home Dog Training of South Florida offers helpful tips for the estimated 43 million U.S. dog owners on how to keep their dogs safe and calm during July 4th festivities.

"Independence Day celebrations are great fun for people, but the loud noises and bright lights can be traumatic for dogs," said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist and master trainer. "The explosions, excited voices and visual stimulation can create confusion and fear."

"Animal shelters report that the July 4th holiday brings record numbers of runaway dogs to their doors," Edwards continued. "These dogs have been frightened and made frantic by fireworks. But by being aware and thinking ahead, we can keep our dogs as safe and comfortable as possible during the revelry."

Edwards offers the following tips for dog owners to prepare for Independence Day:

If you are going to a fire…

For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Offers Free Resources for National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, May 10, 2012- In support of National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 20-26), Home Dog Training of South Florida is offering free dog safety seminars for community-based organizations. 
"Part of our mission at Home Dog Training of South Florida is to help keep people and their canine companions safe," said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist. "We understand that dog bites are a serious matter, and we believe that more public education, such as the free community seminars we offer, can help prevent situations that can lead to dog bites."
Free Dog Safety Seminars Each year on average, nearly five million Americans are bitten by dogs-and almost 50 percent of these are children bitten by their family dog. Of those injured, nearly 800,000 require treatment in a hospital. Dog-related injuries resulted in 31 deaths in 2011 alone. To combat such startling statistics, Home Dog Training of South Florida is offering free dog safety seminars for commun…

For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Promotes Animal Disaster Preparedness Day Tips for Helping Your Pets Stay Calm and Safe

Fort Lauderdale April 23, 2012--The summer months bring an increase in natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. In recognition of May 12, Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, Home Dog Training of South Florida wants to help prepare pet owners with information about what to do in the event of a natural disaster. "Natural disasters create immense stress for pets and pet owners alike," said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist and trainer"People can easily get caught up in the chaos of the storm and forget to help their pets. It is important to include your pets in your emergency safety plans. By being prepared, you can help ensure the safety and well-being of your pets should a disaster occur."
These general guidelines can help you prepare for a natural disaster.
Research a safe place to take your pets. Most emergency shelters do not allow pets. Ask friends or relatives if they can shelter you and your pets.Look for pet-friendly facilities and lod…

For Immediate Release: Home Dog Training of South Florida Observes National Pet Week with Top 10 Tips for Dog Owners

Fort Lauderdale, Florida April 16, 2012 - In celebration of National Pet Week (May 6-12), Home Dog Training of South Florida has issued a list of the "Top 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know."
"As part of our commitment to encourage a balanced, positive relationship between owners and dogs, we have compiled a top 10 list to help dog owners better understand their canine pets," said Robin Edwards, dog behavioral therapist. "What better way to celebrate National Pet Week than by promoting a better understanding of man's best friend?" 1. A dog is a dog. "The greatest misconception many dog owners have is to assume their dogs communicate the way people do," Edwards said. Dogs intuitively follow the same rules and exhibit many of the same behavioral patterns as their wild ancestors. To effectively train your dog, you must first understand his instinctual behavior. 2. All dogs think in terms of survival. Dogs naturally know that livi…